Plastic bags

Bag instead of plastic bag!

Worldwide, 1 million plastic bags are used per minute – with an average usage time of only 15 minutes.

The bags often end up in nature. In water and on land, the plastic endangers animals, they suffocate on the remains. If the bags are burned, toxic, climate-damaging substances are produced.

Get yourself a bag that you can use again every time you go shopping.  



Fabrics Natural fibres such as cotton or linen can also lose fibres during washing, but these are biodegradable. They are also less harmful to your health.

Care products

Peelings without plastic balls !

In many products plastic beads are used for peeling. These can be filtered badly from the waste water in shamppos, lipsticks, shower gels or creams in form of liquid plastics.



Wood instead of plastic!

Conventional toothbrushes not only cause plastic waste, they can also contain carcinogenic substances.

Alternatively, we recommend using wooden toothbrushes. This ecological alternative is more environmentally friendly and healthier

Coffee mug

Replace disposable with reusable!

Due to disposable cups, 43,000 trees have to be felled in Germany alone. Besides the paper, the cups contain a plastic layer and lid. In order to prevent this and to do something good for nature, it is better to buy reusable cups


Fabric conditioner

Use vinegar instead of fabric softener!

Common fabric softeners contain cationic surfactants. These make the laundry smooth and soft. However, cationic surfactants often lead to skin dysfunction and skin diseases.

Commercial vinegar can be used as a common alternative. The acrid smell disappears after a short time.


Share your knowledge

Many people do not even know what plastic waste does to our planet. Inform friends and acquaintances and let them rethink their consumption.

The more people are informed about it, the higher is the chance to achieve something.

Do I really need this?


Before you buy a product (which is probably even wrapped in plastic) you should ask yourself if you really need it. This is how you develop a conscious shopping behaviour..

Mind your environment!


Whether in the pedestrian zone, at the train station or at the local Bagersee: everywhere people leave their rubbish lying around.
Become active and pick up the garbage at the beach and in the park.

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