Make a stand against plastic!


Huge plastic islands in the oceans, animals that have died from plastic waste, microplastics in drinking water – the contamination of land and water by plastics is obvious. And every single day many thousands of tons of plastic waste are added to this. In just under 100 years, this may have irreversibly changed our blue planet.


There is no simple solution, but each and every one of us can make the planet a little cleaner – environmental protection starts with us! With every purchase decision we make, we make a choice. Our consumption and throw-away behaviour can help to ensure the survival of the diverse marine world.


You got tired of the plastic flood? So are we! Let’s get active, because together we can achieve more. Become part of the change and set an example against plastic.

Jedes Shirt Spendet

Together with your support we want to make our world a better place. For this reason, we are not only committed to alternative packaging alternatives, but also to advancing the cleaning of our oceans from plastic waste. With every shirt you buy you donate 10% of the proceeds to the project THE OCEAN CLEANUP. The project aims to collect all plastic waste in our oceans and thus save our planet from littering.



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FckPlstc x Halm

3 billion plastic straws are thrown away worldwide every day…

HALM has the best solution: sustainable straws made of glass!

They are extremely stable, 100% made in Germany, reusable for a lifetime, absolutely tasteless, without harmful substances and of course 100% without plastic.

FckPlstc and HALM give you a set of two glass straws for every shirt you buy.

*only while stocks last



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